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Europe's Strategic Irrelevance

Richard Gowan of New York University and the Global Dashboard blog, has some wise remarks on Afghanistan in The Indian National Interest Review:

The quality of strategic debate on Afghan affairs in EU capitals is far lower than that in Washington. "We ask what pulling out of Afghanistan would mean for the transatlantic alliance," one respected French strategist admits, "but not what it'd do to Afghanistan."

He could go further. Although European commentators are typically well-informed about Pakistan's instability, they rarely put "AfPak" in a wider strategic regional context. How would a NATO failure in Afghanistan affect relations between China and India? What impact would it have on Russia's Central Asian ambitions, or Iran's defiance of the West? These are not questions you are likely to hear seriously discussed in Europe. (.)

European analysts who see Afghanistan in transatlantic terms ("What does this do to NATO?") are in denial on this point. The future of Afghanistan is clearly of far greater significance to the triangular strategic relationship between China, India and the United States than it is to European affairs. But no-one likes to admit they are a second-order issue.
I agree. I think it is a big problem, that Europeans view so many foreign policy issues in regard to its effects on Europe's relationship with the big brother/uncle/cousins on the other side of the Atlantic.

Endnote: Check out on this topic: Towards a post-American Europe: A Power Audit of EU-US Relations. No more special relationships: Europe is wasting its "Obama Moment"


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Marie Claude on :

can't open your third link

Pat Patterson on :

Try this instead. It goes directly to the source.

Joerg Wolf on :

I fixed the link

Marie Claude on :

If it only handle out of our populationsall our soldiers would retreat from Afghanistan Though, that would be denying all that has been done for the afghani population, schools for the little girls, hospitals... that's for this bit of hope that our soldiers say it is still worth of fighting there. Sarkozy has already said that he will not send more soldiers, but that we are not leaving the grund, so, because of what I wrote above, it would be a trahison for the Afghani population. Now the EU/US relations, well they can't break, because we are the same world the same DNA... But we must acknoledge that Obama is beyond his boots as far as being reaaly involved in any policy, he is just a puppet that play a role. I was smiling on the results of Copenhagen, the fonctionnaires cad Obama have been "snobbed" by China, India, Brazil, and relegated as unuseful servants. What a waste of time, and a wse of money for winds ! So, let expand our red carpets for the new masters of the world, Asia ! Even if MacCain had gained the Elections, America's role would have turned lower, but I expect that he would have been a bit more coherent on Afghan and foreign policy

Marie Claude on :

"I was smiling on the results of Copenhagen, the fonctionnaires cad Obama have been "snobbed" by China, India, Brazil, and relegated as unuseful servants" sorry typo "the fonctionnaires clique, ... "What a waste of time, and a wse of money for winds !" and what a waste of money...

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