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Elections in Germany

The polling stations close in one hour at 6:00 PM in Germany, which is noon at the East Coast. Tanya Jones (Fulbright Journalism, Berlin, 1999-2000) recommends CNN's German elections special and "Decision 2005" by the German Embassy in Washington with background information on the German political system, the parties, links to several news organizations providing live coverage etc.

The Atlantic Review invites you to share your reactions to the results! Just click on Comments. Feel free to express your joy, anger, hope, despair, but don't forget: US-German relations and the future of the transatlantic friendship do not depend on statements from politicians and on the policies of our governments only, but also on the media, civil society organizations and ordinary citizens on both sides of the Atlantic.

UPDATE 11:30 PM: Latest CNN report. Personal thoughts by JW: Cliff hanger, Florida 2000, gridlock, new elections soon? Apparently the notorious overhang seats (Wikipedia link via PapaScott) will decide. The Wash Post's graphic explains the two votes system in Germany (link via Dialog International). Heiko Hebig hopes for a Jamaica coalition of black Conservatives, yellow Liberals and Greens, because a grand coalition of conservatives and social-Democrats stands for stagnation.


Diggers Realm on : Germany Election Results Could Take Weeks

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Germany is in a political purgatory as both Merkel and Schroeder are not conceding. A Schroeder led government is bad news for not only the German people, but America as well. For Germans it would be bad because in some...


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metanoia2k on : I feel that the Katrina mess helped turn around the 7 point shift in one week ago. One week ago, the CDP was at 42%...even though the SDP only picked up a few points, the bulk of those lost percentage points got scattered around to other parties--probably the Greens benefitted the most because of the link between Katrina, global warming, Kyoto Accord, and Bush's unilateral withdrawal from the accord. It took Katrina to remind marginal voters of U.S. policy arrogance and it's consequences and Mrs Merkel lost support as a result.

PeWi on :

No, i really don;t think international policies or some such had anything to do with this. This was all internal and bad prognosis from the polling institutes. CDU lost mainly to the FDP and to the NON-voters (1.8 milion votes+ some Links voters .3), almost as many people abstained from voting for the CDU that voted for thm last time, then changed over from SPD and GREENs to the CDU/CSU. The real winners are the Links party and that because, Germany is not to please about neoliberal policies.

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