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Merkel might not bridge the transatlantic divide

Chancellor Schroeder is widely blamed in the US for the deterioration of US-German relations and many conservatives abroad look forward to a new and likely Chancellor Merkel. International Herald Tribune correspondent Richard Bernstein, however, is skeptical whether a new CDU-FDP government would bridge the transatlantic divide. Merkel's party made improved US-German relations a campaign promise. The CDU, however, strongly opposes EU membership for Turkey, while the SPD-Greens government and the Bush administration have advocated Turkey's integration into the EU. All parties have distanced themselves from the US statements on Iran during their election campaigns. The likely foreign minister in a Merkel administration has expressed the most Iran-friendly position.



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We have four days to go to the Bundestag elections in Germany and the latest polls indicate that it is going to be a cliffhanger. Background To be clear, there are five parties participating in this election. On the right...


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I am very optimistic and hopeful that "Angie" will emerge victorious in this election. Germany is a wonderful country, and deserves much better than Schroeder has given her. As for my own country, I would very much like to see Germany and the U.S. mend fences and revive their friendship - I believe that Ms. Merkel is just the one to do that.

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