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Pakistan Requires "Geopolitical Therapy"

If Afghanistan resembles a Vietnam-like quagmire, then more policy makers and analysts will seek an exit. This raises fears in Pakistan.

Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke has to provide "geopolitical therapy for Pakistani generals who hedge their bets with the Taliban out of fear the Vietnam syndrome may return and collapse the U.S. commitment."

This is the main policy recommendation from Marin Strmecki of the Smith Richardson Foundation, writes Arnaud de Borchgrave in an excellent article for UPI. He also stresses that "geopolitical psychiatry is not America's diplomatic strong suit." Could Europe provide therapy?


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Marie Claude on :

Strmecki believes this grave situation can be reversed, even though former Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell heard from a Pakistani general that the Pakistani military was supporting the Taliban. A subsequent U.S. intelligence report said Pakistan "regularly gave the Taliban 'weapons and support to go into Afghanistan to attack Afghan and coalition forces.'" True I believe that Obama will give up soon Also if the Pakistaneses want to mess with India, I am not sure that they'll gain, I read that India trains some special troops in prevision, that some of them are specially trained to take over their nuclear sites, and that the last terrorist attak in Munbai was an error of inattention, besides these troops are ment to fight abroad

Hammad Yousuf on :

I will ask the first question that why is a need of therapy? America is fighting a fake war of terrorism. America is inside the Afghanistan as a police man. so everyone in the region wheather China,Iran or Pakistan, they have a right to choose a best policy for the region. And the policy is China & Pakistan do not want America more inside the afghanistan. Pakistan will make another veitnam for america in afghanistan.Pakistani generals will do, what is fruitful for their country. And our policy is destroy america in afghanistan........ Hammad Yousuf Chairman MetaExistence Organization Geo Political Think Tank

Michael on :

The article in the post answers your question. You write: "Pakistani generals will do, what is fruitful for their country. And our policy is destroy america in afghanistan" Are you sure that this is in the interest of the millions of poor people in Pakistan? Is that more important than a proper education and health care and jobs? Why don't you fix the problems in your country first, and then worry about Afghanistan? Therapy is supposed to help people to see more clearly of what is going on in their lives, realize what is important and then focus on getting there rather than getting side-tracked by cricket and developing nukes and other toys.

Michael on :

"Hammad Yousuf Chairman MetaExistence Organization Geo Political Think Tank" Dude, you are so full of bullshit. You are even too stupid to spell the name of your elementary school in your CV

Hammad Yousuf on :

Dear, I mentioned my school because I do not forget my school , my teachers and my roots.

Pat Patterson on :

It's absolutely hard to believe that China wants a Taliban, or any kind of Muslim theocracy, any where in Asia!


A very candid but incisive comment


The story ignores an essential side to this imroglio i.e. increased Indian presence in Afghanistan, particulary in the areas close to Pakistani borders. Pakistan security dynamics necessitates that it should do its level best to nullify that presence. Unless and until the West and the US do not take into account this fact, the persuit for peace would be will of the wisp.

Pat Patterson on :

Which border is that? I'm not sure if the relative balance between what it perceives as a concern and what appears to be eating at the independence of Pakistani democracy? Why hyperventilate over some 1,000 Indian paramilitary forces guarding road construction crews when the more important concern is the steady encroachment of the Taliban and the increasing weakness of the central government?

Amer Rizwan on :

“I think it will be important for India to make clear that as Pakistan takes steps to deal with extremists on its own territory that India will be supportive of that,” Steinberg said at the Brookings Institution.


The concern of Pakistani policy makers is not the mere presence of 1000 security gaurds but what they believe to be the involvement of the Indian consulates in clandistine activities inside Pakistan. I don't know as to how far these allegations hold ground yet Pakistani leadership has time and again pointed fingers at this direction. The West and the US are coming round that, if for no other reason, than for removing any pretext on Pakistan would not fully cooperate in the war on terror.

Hammad Yousuf on :

It was a wrong decision by President Musharraf to fight a american fake war on terrorism. But now the whole nation of Pakistan and Pakistan Army understand it. Pakistan have its own interests.We do not want america on our borders. Also China & Iran do not want America more in this region. I also have to clear that Taliban or Alqueda is not a issue. The issue is something different. People is seeing that america is behind Taliban or Alqueda but it should be noted that these are not the actual targets. The actual targets are China (The new emerging economic power) to threat and Pakistan (Only Islamic atomic power) to threat. So my dears, we know very well that what we have to do. Our generals also know very well that what they have to do. Secondly, everyone knows now that who was behind the 9/11. Alqueda or US Government. In the last I believe, taliban have a right to fight for their Land. Hammad Yousuf Chaiman MetaExistence Organization

Kyle on :

Interesting editorial in the Washington Post supports legislation from US Representative Chris Van Hollen: "Mr. Van Hollen, with co-sponsors, has introduced legislation to create "reconstruction opportunity zones" within both countries. Certain products, including some (not all) textiles, produced within the zones would enjoy duty-free access to the U.S. market for 15 years." I did some research with a professor at American University back in 2005 who believed that similar "Qualifieid Industrial Zones" set up between Jordan, Egypt and Israel had not only boosted trade between the countries, but also increased peaceful relations since the profitable trade relations would be in jeopardy should conflict arise. My guess is this would be great if we could get it by the US labor unions (and perhaps in Europe too?) -- which we should since Pakistan/Afghanistan is one of the most critical regions facing NATO allies.

John in Michigan, USA on :

We should not be distracted by the fact that China shares a (tiny) border with present-day Afghanistan, while India does not. It seems to me that, based on the 1000's of years of history in the region, India has as much "right" to have an interest in the region as China has. ==== Also, I would like to hear more from posters representing these regional countries or interests: what do you see as the ideal end-state for Afghanistan? Presumably, there is a consensus that there should be an end to "Western" or "colonial" influence, but if that happens, what would be the next step? Why would Afghanis (who aren't all the same, anyway) find the the influence of Afghanistan's near neighboors to be any more desireable than the influence of Afghanistan's global "neighbors"?

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