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Nancy Pelosi: Italy Is Our Greatest Ally

Italy holds the G8 presidency this year and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi puts her charms on. Prior to a departure of a Congressional delegation to Italy she kissed ass praised in a press release: "The United States has no greater ally in NATO than Italy"

Is she aware that Britain and Canada are part of NATO as well? 

Italy has 2,300 troops in Afghanistan, and pledged to increase the number to up to 2,800 towards the end of April, reports AFP, and adds that Foreign Minister Frattini wants "to consider how to involve Iran, not whether to involve Iran."

While US President Barack Obama announced that would send an additional 17,000 US troops to Afghanistan, bringing the total American contingent in the country to 55,000 soldiers, NATO Allies are not sending that many additional troops to the Hindu Kush, reports DW World:

Germany, the third-largest contributor to the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan with 3,500 troops, this week said it would temporarily send an additional 600 soldiers to help provide security during the upcoming election.

Endnote: Are at least the French now happy as integrated NATO warriors? Ségolène Royal criticizes Sarkozy’s decision to rejoin NATO’s military command is the wrong response to the new era Obama has ushered in. See's English mini summary of Royal's French op-ed. Sarkozy ruled out sending any additional troops, according to the above mentioned DW World article. Is the Obama-Europe honeymoon already over before it starts?


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Pat Patterson on :

That reponse from Speaker Pelosi is a reversal of the usual comment heard in Europe that they are not anti-American but anti-Bush. Only here America's doyenne of cafeteria Catholicism is not anti-Italian but merely ant-Benedict. I heard a rumor that after the Pope shellacked her knowledge of dogma that a coterie of nuns with wooden rulers finished off the job. You have to ask can anyone claim to have seen Mrs. Pelosi's knuckles after her Papal audience?

Zyme on :

"Is the Obama-Europe honeymoon already over before it starts?" In the German Press it is. They have declared the future of the Bagram-camp in Afghanistan as the first unexpected test for Obama's "Change" rhetoric. Comparing Bagram to Guantanamo, the journalists expected Obama to close this one down as well. Which he didn't. Honeymoon over. I wonder what David thinks about this.

Don S on :

A pretext to break with Obama and demonize the US was needed - and has been found. Again. What a howling surprise. Yawn. Always remember & never forget; if Saddam or Castro kills many thousands it means nothing, but if US soldiers torture and kill one or two, it's a provocation for the ages. Even if the Army eventually catches up with them and tries them for murder, as they did in the Bagram case.

YL on :

(Comment removed)

John in Michigan, USA on :

"US Iraq war is launched basing on lies." So, you are saying that Iraq didn't invade and occupy Kuwait in 1990, and threaten to genocide the entire Kuwaiti people? Because, that is what started the Coalition-Iraqi wars.

David on :

"I wonder what David thinks about this." Well, I'm concerned, but I'll withhold judgment until there are further clarifications. So far, the Justice Dept. has only issued a two-sentence statement. There are fundamental differences in the legal status between Bagram and Guantanamo, so the policy will reflect that. Still, individuals cannot be held indefinitely outside of all known laws, and the Obama administration needs to make the US policy on detainees absolutely clear. Shutting down Guantanamo and the CIA black sites, and ending the Bush/Cheney torture practices was a good first step. We should all be watching closely, and demanding accountability. As to the end of the "Obama Honeymoon": the man has only been in office for one month. Even FDR was given 100 days, and the world is even worse shape today.

Zyme on :

"Well, I'm concerned, but I'll withhold judgment until there are further clarifications." That's more than I expected. Not that I wouldn't understand to get hold of those that fight your own soldiers - I am only "concerned" that Obama's Change-rhetoric was exactly this - rhetorical. For the German Press the true nature of the American President has revealed of course :D

Pat Patterson on :

I can hope that in his haste to make a political point David did not really mean that the US was worse off today then in 1932-1933. The period after Roosevelt's election and the first few months of his term. Unemployment was 25% of nonfarm workers and 37% of farm workers, compared to a combined 7.6% just this month? Wages were down over 60% and people weren't just going to bed hungy they were actually starving to death or dying because of physical ailments brought on by poor nutrition and stress. Birth rates were down by almost 2/3 and the longevity rate dropped by 6 years after decades of increasing rates in both. There were riots, in practically every major city of the nation, the Bonus March, the riot at Ford's River Rouge plant, called the Dearborn Massacre, occured just weeks before the election and afterwards 35,000 unemployed workers sang The Internationale at the funeral of the four Communist organizers who were shot by the members of the Michigan National Guard. Schools were still on half day sessions in NYC, LA and Philadelphia. Many never reopened full time until the late 30's. Cities, counties and states large and small laid off city employees, closed libraries, police stations, fire stations, public parks and probably would have sold assets if buyers would have been available. Yosemite Naional Park received the benefits of year round CCC workers to build and repair roads and buildings but the nearest city, Bishop, had to close and abandon its city park and cemetary for lack of the funds needed to keep them open. An estimated $4 trillion dollars was lost to the economy by having skilled workers so desperate for work that they would take jobs that wasted their expertise or education. I can use my own granddad as an example as he had been coal face driller, machine operator and blaster commanding a more than middle class pay check but for years was a handyman and janitor at the town's Lutheran church. My dad delivered Grit, a very popular rural newspaper, until his bicycle was stolen and another boy got his route. He also stole coal off of the railroad cars whenever he could to keep the house warm during the winter. It wasn't until the great hiring boom in California that that my granddad was able to work on a regular schedule again after almost 10 years of intermittent work and low paying work. We are in a difficult period but to claim it's comparable or even worse then the Depression ignores the reality of the 30's to make a cheap political point over some politician that many are desperate to have faith in today. Alas I fear that we have given Hoover a second term.

John in Michigan, USA on :

"I'll withhold judgment" That's a first for you, in my experience. "Even FDR was given 100 days, and the world is even worse shape today" I am trying to think of a single significant aspect of the US or world situation that is worse today than in 1933. US/Global unemployment? US/global GDP? World Trade? General human suffering? Deaths due to war? All seem to me much, much better today as compared to 1933.

Don S on :

Oh, yes, about the initial subject - one Nancy Pelosi. Speaker Nan isn't quite the brightest bulb in the factory, if you know what I mean..... Think of her as Sarah Palin with (much) better PR.

joe on :

I really not sure if the germans withdrew their 3,500 beer drinking hunkered down force home that it would not be missed anymore than when the spanish took tail and ran

Marie Claude on :

Segolene, Nancy, Sarah... toutes des media born pétoleuses and botoxed for Nancy)

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