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Britain's Foreign Secretary Reads the Atlantic Review

Before travelling to Munich to speak at the Security Conference, David Miliband has read Kyle Atwell's Atlantic Review post NATO 2.0: Five ways Obama should bring "change" to Alliance.

The Foreign Secretary mentions Atlantic Review and links to us in his blog post Munich Security Conference.

Yes, Secretary Miliband is a blogger. He began blogging when he was Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and continues to do so as Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. Here is the transcript and audio file of his speech in Munich.


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John in Michigan, USA on :

Nice! First that WSJ / Sphere hit, now this! It sort of makes one want to stick to the topic in the comments, rather then end up debating the French role in the Congo and Cte d'Ivoire, as we did on Kyle's post. Then again, our digressions seem no more bizarre than those of Miliband at the Munich security conference. He apparently wants to put something called "climate security" on the agenda. Here is the rant I posted on Miliband's blog. It is longer than 1000 characters, so it is awaiting moderator approval over there. ===== If a panacea is the mythical cure-all, global warming is the anti-panacea, the mythical universal problem that all proposals and institutions must somehow speak to. Regardless of what one thinks of the science, why must every conceivable initiative on every conceivable topic purport to "address" global warming? Specifically, what on earth has NATO to do with global warming? Are we contemplating a military expedition to enforce the Kyoto treaty? Of course we're not. That would be foolish. The Kyoto treaty is meticulously the breach. Conventional wisdom holds that we can now make a 50-100 year global climate forecast with 95% confidence, even though our more humble (and testable) yearly and decadal global climate forecasts have generally been wrong, by more than the margin of error. Are we now to believe the climate forecasters can predict the next security threat? Perhaps dropping a mention of global warming in a context like this is the new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) hack? Does someone get a royalty payment? Can the Munich Conference get a discount deal on carbon credits if it mentions a possible sponsor? Maybe, every time we ring that bell, a polar bear gets his wings. If we close our eyes and believe, the climate feedback fairies will help planes fly off the EU's promised new aircraft carriers? NATO 2.0 is an idea long overdue. Attempting to link it with global warming will ensure it remains that way.

Kyle on :

Wow sweet!

John in Michigan, USA on :

Congrats Kyle.

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