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Everyone is on Facebook. Everyone? There is a small community still holding out outside. But, just like there were still people without mobile phones eight years ago, they are looking more and more forced in their abstention. As Farhad Manjoo writes over on Slate:
Friends—can I call you friends?—it's time to drop the attitude: There is no longer any good reason to avoid Facebook. The site has crossed a threshold—it is now so widely trafficked that it's fast becoming a routine aide to social interaction, like e-mail and antiperspirant. It's only the most recent of many new technologies that have crossed over this stage.
Whether or not Facebook is of use to you will of course depend upon your circle of actual friends. Much like e-mail. Or mobile phones. When they're not using it, there's less use in it for you. Doing without will save you from multitasking cutting up your time even further. And there are downsides to Facebook, as Obama's speechwriter Jon Favreau found out when he was caught statue-groping Hillary Clinton.

As you will guess, this is a roundabout way of saying that the Atlantic Review, too, is on Facebook, and we welcome you to become our 'fans'.


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Pamela on :

I'm all a-Twitter. (have fun)

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