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Germany Pushes for Gas Pipeline with Russia

Ulf Gartzke writes in the Weekly Standard blog:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek, whose country currently holds the six-month rotating EU presidency, to back the planned Nord Stream gas pipeline linking Russia and Germany via the Baltic Sea. According to leaked excerpts of the letter, published by the Financial Times Deutschland, the German leader argues that the recent gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine showed "that the EU must become more independent and crisis-resistant in its energy supplies". To achieve that end, Merkel writes, the EU needs to better diversify its gas supply and transport routes. Hence it was of "great significance" that the Nabucco, Nord Stream and South Stream pipelines should be "politically desired and supported by all EU member states".


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Zyme on :

Not only Gas it seems - hasn't Siemens cancelled Franco-German nuclear cooperation in favor of a German-Russian one? As far as I read this was due to the fact that Paris blocked Siemens from decision making in the joint-venture while Russia looks inclined. Well, cutting western ties down when underrepresented surely is a good idea, as long as cutting ALL ties down accidentally does not happen any more.

Marie Claude on :

this is as old as the world german/russian alliance, umm good news from the ost front

Michael on :

Yep, and there are now German troops stationed in France. How much longer until the next war? ;-)

Zyme on :

Another step towards a European Army. "The two leaders [Merkel and Sarkozy] also called for "real cooperation" between NATO and the European Union, saying the "strategic partnership" between them was not strong enough. "To our great regret, the 'strategic partnership' between NATO and the EU has fallen short of our expectations due to disagreements that persist between certain nations," they wrote." This from the leaders of France and Germany :D That's why I love European diplomacy :)

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