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Friends don't let friends drink and drive

Interesting quote at the end of the above mentioned A Fistful of Euros post:

Friends don't let friends drink and drive; neither do they help friends get into open-ended two-front wars. Europeans are entirely right to behave as if Iraq and Afghanistan had erased US credibility, and to expect it to be earned back rather than freely given.

Has Gerhard Schroeder ever phrased his opposition to the Iraq war into this "Friends don't let friends drink and drive" theme? I guess, he sort of did when in 2002 he called the planned Iraq war an "adventure" and said that being a friend does not always mean saying "yes."


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Pat Patterson on :

Don't you have to say "Yes" at least once to claim that you don't have to say it all the time?

Joerg - Atlantic Review on :

Yes, indeed. And Schroeder and Fischer said "yes" on the issue of attacking Serbia over Kosovo even without UNSC authorization. They said yes right after being elected.

Pat Patterson on :

My mistake I had completely forgotten the one time Germany had said yes but still left drag marks from Berlin to Belgrade in carrying its tax code sized ROE.

Michael on :

The US does not need allies to contribute militarily. The US just needs allies to give its policies international legitimacy. That's why the US considers Japan such a loyal ally.

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