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9/11 is not in the German mindset (anymore)

Werner Schultz is running for the EU parliament and told the delegates of the Green Party congress last weekend: "Today the people are more afraid of their investment adviser than of Al Qaeda." A remarkable quote that was cited in many Germany newspapers.

There are many indications that a growing number of citizens in Europe (and also in the United States) are less concerned about international terrorism than a few years ago. 9/11 is over. It is back to normal. This is not just due to the financial crisis, but also because Al Qaeda and co have not had a major attack in recent years. Complacency would be a dangerous, and Obama knows it since he said in his inauguration speech: "Our nation is at war, against a far-reaching network of violence and hatred."

Germans, however, never felt at war with this terrorism network. They don't worry much about the recent terror threats due to Germany's involvement in Afghanistan. And German politicians don't dare to describe the Bundeswehr mission in Afghanistan as war.


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Michael on :

Even the Economist from London (!) headlines: "The growing, and mysterious, irrelevance of al-Qaeda" Jan 22nd 2009

Pamela on :

9/11 was NEVER in the German/European mindset. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt. Note to Michael: Al Queda is the symptom of the disease, not the disease. (Maybe I should rewrite this as 'Note to the Economist') But this is very understandable. The financial threats are imminent and real. The jihadi threat seems to be an abstraction - even in the U.S. - and in many minds one that can be conveniently blamed on the 'other' - the U.S. and Israel - again, even in the U.S. Actually, come to think of it, the global financial meltdown is being blamed on the U.S. in some quarters. I'm waiting to see how the calls for 'global financial regulation' of markets pan out.

Don S on :

I think that is a minor exagguration, Pamela. I think 9/11 was in Germans imaginations for a brief period. For many as few as two weeks or a month, for others as long as a year. In certain rare cases much longer than that. But generally I have to agree with you; the misdeeds which were allegedly perpetrated upon a few hundred prisoners at Camp X-Ray and the waterboarding of Khaled Sheik Mohammed and a very few others have occupied many multiples of the column inches in the German media, and obsess the German imagination much more than the many more (and far more tragic) victims of 9/11. The German media (and therefore the public) even ignore mre direct and personal tragedies (such as the murder of Daniel Pearl by KSM), in their thirst for supposed more US iniquity to decry and oppose. Whom was the innocent victim - Daniel Pearl, a journalist grossly and publically murdered while pursuing a story, or KSM, his murderer who was waterboarded but who lives and healed long ago? Pearl ceased to exist in the German mind a week after his execution, but his murderer KSM remains a cause celebre in Europe much akin to Che Guevara. For good reason; both Guevara and KSM were stone cold killers who used their murders to create a romantic image and recruit to a totalitarian political movement.

Anonymous on :

"Germans, however, never felt at war with this terrorism network" though :,,3956301,00.html ... Now, the terrorism sympathetisans don't need to come from abroad, since they understood that they can easily convert christians here into their "crusade" beliefs, yeah, kinda a new revolution" like the former far-leftists promoted, aims to help the "poors" discriminated immigrants to claim for their rights of sharia, and the weak minds of the lefties that support them to become their dhimmis.

Marie Claude on :

nonymouse, yo !!!

Marie Claude on :

ummm, [url],1518,603588,00.html[/url] [url][/url]

Civilus Defendus on :

Germany and all of Europe is currently under assault; they just fail to recognize it. Perhaps they we waken when the local Imam tells them what they can and cannot wear, do, say or think...

Marie Claude on :

oola, "Hermes" has some difficulties to finance the exportations towards Iran !!! Ecco, Frau Merkel ask for the "bons offices" of Mr new Elected : "Mr O, ya know, we all love you here, in the brandebourgeoises yards, Could you hurry up your discussions with our impoverished customers by all these stoopid boycotts" ?

Pamela on :

OT, but - what the hell? -------------- Germany dropped its opposition Monday to a controversial experiment to dump iron sulphate in the South Atlantic to see if it can absorb greenhouse gases and possibly help to halt global warming. [...] Scientists on board the Polarstern research vessel hope the release of iron will cause an exponential growth in phytoplankton, which will then absorb more carbon dioxide — the main greenhouse gas — through photosynthesis. ----------- World-wide algae blooms. Great. Kill the oxygen in the oceans. Some people are just fucking insane.

influx on :

So what? Let them try. They're not going to drop iron sulphate into all the salt waters of the world. It's a contained experiment, with possibly interesting or important results. Or not. Whatever. Hate to say it, Pamela, but you sound a little bit like one of those global warming nutters, bringing this up.

Pamela on :

I am one of those global warming nutters. Count on it. I've got 5 inches of global warming ice in my driveway. Quick question: How is anything in an ocean a 'contained' experiment?

Zyme on :

My goodness, oceans cover 2/3 of the earth's surface. Do you really think one ship with that load can cause any serious damage?

Joe Noory on :

What about that sacred precautionary priciple, papito?

Badboy Recovered on :

Funny how the euro's arent doing this experiment in the North sea or the Med.

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