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The media in German-American relations

The American Institute for Contemporary German Studies published a collection of five essays concerning The Media-Public Opinion-Policy Nexus in German-American Relations. Following are some conclusions from the foreword regarding the credibility of the US media and anti-Americanism in German:

The starkly different media images and rhetoric that appeared in German and American news outlets during the Iraq conflict reflected the degree of political tension between the two countries. Germans and Americans both were disturbed by the negative stereotyping and inaccuracies in each others’ news media, prompting a debate about the sources of these contradictory images and whether the media itself had become part of the problem in transatlantic relations.

Susan Moeller's essay "focuses on an issue that goes to the heart of American journalism—its role as an independent watchdog" and concludes "by catering to the government and the powerful, the media have abdicated their mediating role, lost their credibility, and damaged their authority.

Citing survey data, Clay Ramsay argues that

Anti-Bush and anti-U.S. foreign policy views do not influence the otherwise positive feelings that Germans and other Europeans show for the American people. But as Ramsay points out, anti-Americanism as a cultural critique, a predisposition in the political elite, or even a bias in the media, still exists, beyond the definition used to describe the dynamics of mass public opinion.

Additonal essays deal with "Some Remarkable Features of the Journalistic Landscape in Germany", "Re-creating the World: An Examination of Public Opinion, the Media, and Foreign Policy in the United States and Germany" and "International Broadcasting and Public Diplomacy: Not Just for Governments Anymore."

You can
the 46 pages long German-American Issues Volume 5 publication "The Media-Public Opinion-Policy Nexus in German-American Relations."

If you've read one of the essays, please let us know what you think.


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