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Poll: Americans Appreciate Germany as an Ally

The German embassy in Washington DC released a public opinion poll that "shows that Americans continue to have a positive image of Germany as a modern society, home of high-tech innovations and a major international partner of the United States," says German Ambassador Klaus Scharioth. Perceptions of Germany Among Americans:

Many Americans have a very positive view of bilateral US-German relations: a 34 percent overall plurality describes them as "excellent" or "very good". One point Ambassador Scharioth emphasizes is that many Americans view successful economic cooperation as the most positive aspect of bilateral relations (36 percent). They also feel that good diplomatic relations, mutual trust and agreement on foreign policies, as well as defense cooperation (13 percent - an increase of 5 percent, compared to February 2007), are factors contributing to good bilateral relations. (...)

The number of Americans who consider that a perceived lack of German support for the Iraq war is souring German-American relations has gone down by more than half since last year and at 7 percent is no longer an issue. (...)

Americans are also increasingly aware of Germany’s contribution to the fight against international terrorism in Afghanistan. One fifth of all Americans (21 percent) say that Germany plays an important role in the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan.


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Joe Noory on :

That's a bit of a stretch to say that an improvement in positive sentiment implies that feelings of being closely allied is rising. That part will still take some time. The notion that Germany will come to America's aid in a pinch isn't as strong as the cultural comity.

Zyme on :

Ahh I am sure the german people feels very honored to have so many friends across the pond :D Now that we know how much they value our efforts, we might as well take a closer look on how to pursue our own interests. Being true gentlemen, they surely will take it sportsmanlike :)

Joe Noory on :

Look - in large part to the people for whom this poll was taken, we Americans are nothing more than a source of export income. The genuine endearment that Germans and Americans have for one another is individual and personal, based more than virtually any two nations on earth with longstanding contact between people and having a shared history - but certainly not in the strange, awkward way that polls like these suppose about monolithic, predictable masses of people. This kind of polling doesn't capture the real relationship between millions of Germans and Americans which is exceedingly different than the German political or business community is capable of understanding.

Zyme on :

So what kind of a poll would capture the real relationship?

Joe Noory on :

Why would they need a poll? The idea behind it is for the Foreign Ministry to demonstrate its' worth to the German public, not specifically about the relationship between two governments.

joe on :

Wished they had polled me

Pat Patterson on :

The one thing no one seems to notice hear is that this poll, online over an eight day period, was essentially put together by a company that is hired to help the image of its clients. Frank N. Magid and Associates is not a polling organization but rather a media consultant. In other words if you want a poll showing improving attitudes you will get a poll showing those attitudes to be, surprise, surprise, improving. This company became somewhat infamous in Canada when it polled viewers of CBC and found that the repondents all wanted more weather reports which Magid recommended that the CBC get from another company. Yet a blogger discovered that this company was also a client of Magid's as well as being partially owned by Magid. Oops! One interesting thing that careful reading of Magid's CBC poll showed that viewership of the CBC initially declined and then went up during a recent strike because the network showed old "The Simpson's" repeats. That had to have left marks! Let's wait for some more reliable polls that are not basically trying to paper over disagreements rather than a poll that is only mentioned on two sites. Here and the German Embassy site. Hardly the most definitive and easily the most frustrating because you cannot see the actual questions, nor the complete breakdown of all the answers nor the makeup of the poll.

Sanfour on :

Oh yes, we the people in germany are so happy about our politics and their decisions :(

Joe Noory on :

Oh I forgot! - among many Europeans there is still this belief that the entire population is in ideological and political agreement on something, especially if the person throwing the idle assertion around is arguing for it! Jahash.

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