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Misleading reporting in German public TV

The investigative German TV program "Panorama" began its recent segment on torture and killings in Iraq and Afghanistan by criticizing that a US soldier, who shot a wounded Iraqi in the head, does not have to serve a prison sentence. In contrast to the BBC and CBS, Panorama fails to report the mitigating circumstances the US soldier and US witnesses mentioned in their testimonies. Panorama's biased and misleading segment can be watched online or read here. Dawson's Danube and Davids Medienkritik analyze and translate the report and criticize that German public broadcasting engages in anti-American propaganda.


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David on :

While it is regrettable that Panorama did not tell the whole story, the fact is that there is a total lack of accountability on the part of the US military for the killing of non-combatants in Iraq - including the cousin of Iraq's amabassador to the UN. The most recent incident took place yesterday when a soundman for Reuters - Waleed Khaled - was killed by US forces, and his colleague was shot and detained for "questioning". Link:

SB on :

War is hell. Coalition soldiers are under a lot of stress. Therefore the military commanders don't want to be to tough to soldiers who make mistakes. Serving in Iraq for so long is punishment enough. A huge number of soldiers return home with depression, post traumatic stress disorder, etc. Still, such instances should be investigated. Without it, the US will never win any hearts and minds in Iraq. More important, the guy up the chain of command, who are responsible for Abu Ghraib etc, should be held responsible. And the politicians who pushed for this war, while not sending enough troops should be held accountable, too. The soldiers on the ground are punished already.

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