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A Quarter of Germans Think the US Government did 9/11

World Public Opinion:

Significant portions of Britons (26%), French (23%), and Italians (21%) say they do not know who was behind 9/11. Remarkably, 23 percent of Germans cite the US government, as do 15 percent of Italians.


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Joe Noory on :

Although more Germans than Britons accept that the people who said they did it actually did it. Compare that to Kenya where they haven't to any similar degree entertained conspiracy theories. This might have to do with Nairobi having been victimized by al Queda.

Zyme on :

What does DK stand for? Denmark? :)

Joe Noory on :

Okay, I'll play along.... "don't know"

John in Michigan, USA on :

I wonder how many of the 26% of British who blame, uhh, Denmark, are just being polite. Perhaps if the British were less polite than they naturally are, we would see a higher percentage in the US, Israel, and Other categories?

Pat Patterson on :

It's not terribly surprising that one of the nations, Mexico, that polled the highest on the belief that the US was responsible for 9/11. You have to remember that the US stole the Old Southwest, they murdered Francisco Madero, stole the election from Obrador and that Sam Houston bribed Santa Anna to throw the Battle of San Jacinto and then Polk and Scott bribed him before the Battle of Buena Vista as well. It's no surprise that Mexico has a more than ambivalent attitude towards the US when one considers that Porfirio Diaz once said, "Poor Mexico, so far from God and so close to the United States."

Pamela on :

From the web site: "Though people with greater education generally have greater exposure to news, those with greater education are only slightly more likely to attribute 9/11 to al Qaeda. Steven Kull comments, "It does not appear that these beliefs can simply be attributed to a lack of exposure to information." A stronger correlate of beliefs about 9/11 are respondents' attitudes about the United States. Those with a positive view of America's influence in the world are more likely to cite al Qaeda (on average 59%) than those with a negative view (40%). Those with a positive view of the United States are also less likely to blame the US government (7%) than those with a negative view (22%)." Big surprise there. What would have made this poll even more interesting is if they had included the U.S. There was an interesting piece a week or so ago in the NYT (I think). Anecdotal but still - the reporter talked to a lot of people in Cairo. The consensus seemed to be 'Ok, maybe Muslims carried out the attacks, but they were duped into it by the U.S./Jews'. Sometimes it's hard not to dispair.

influx on :

I was wondering about the same thing and found this: According to this poll, the number of nutcases thinking 9/11 was an inside job is even higher in the US than in Germany. Here's more on the polls:

Pamela on :

I don't do wiki, but I read the article you linked to about the Scripps/Howard poll. I have a big problem with all of this. First, neither the poll that generated this thread nor the article you linked to ever lets me see the questions that were actually asked. Nor do I get a breakdown on how the age/gender demographic answered each question. As for the polls going on now about the presidential election? A lot of the people I know no longer have land lines. They live by their cell phone. I've been polled repeatedly on the land line but never on the cell. I don't know how that may skew the results but I suspect it does. This is not meant in any way to criticise you - only to express my skepticism about the whole process. And just in case you were wondering - yes, I lie to every pollster that calls - especially if it's Zogby. Because if I didn't it's going to get to the point where we will no longer have elections - we'll just have pollsters calling people.

Pat Patterson on :

Pamela-I had cut the article out, yeah I know stone age methadology, for research. But it was in the NYT from Sept. 8, 2008 titled 9/11 Rumors Beocme Conventional Wisdom by Michael Slackman. Seeing the piece in black and white is even more depressing than an abridged version.

Pamela on :

Oh hell, I cut stuff out all the time. After all, I paid for the newspaper. I'll bookmark the article but there are always those days when you can't count on the electricity to get to the bookmark. And besides, there is nothing like spreading out the various hardcopy on the floor, walking around it and seeing how a particular story developed. I'm really regretting I didn't keep the FT article on 'quants' right now. Yes, my house is a firetrap. Don't tell the insurance company. As for that story about the 9/11 rumors; One thing I thought about when I read it was - the reporter. Michael? How honest are these people going to be with a westerner? I've worked with Russian, Vietnamese and Chinese who didn't think they could tell anyone from 'the free West' the truth - about their birth dates even for heaven sakes. For what it's worth. gotta go.

Pamela on :

Oh. My. God. Did you guys just see the speech Hank Paulson just gave? Let me boil it down to the essentials. "I'm running the fucking country right now and if anyone wants to get in my way? BRING IT."

Pat Patterson on :

I half expected for Paulson to have Bernarke's head in a glass jar on the podium just like Captain Harry Love did to get the bounty on Joaquin Murietta. Now that is savage capitalism!

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