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The Best Way to Energize the Republican Base

If Americans will not elect Obama, then the "the world's verdict will be harsh," opines Jonathan Freedland in The Guardian: "An America that disdains Obama for his global support risks turning current anti-Bush feeling into something far worse.

EURSOC argues that this statement could be used by the McCain campaign and promises to offer "offer a prize to any reader who can think of a better way to energise the Republican base."

Well, the website Europeans for Obama might motivate some conservatives to go to the polls in November.


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quo vadis on :

If you look at the statistics in the "A Quarter of Germans think the US Government did 9/11" article (, you may understand why we have a hard time taking world opinion seriously. Would it not be unwise to allow the lunatics a say in the administration of the asylum?

Peter on :

Apparently, the point is not that Obama's global popularity does not help him win over US voters, but that it actually hurts his election chances. Some undecided voters might vote for McCain, if they are told that Obama is a global celebrity; see the McCain ad after Obama's Berlin speech...

quo vadis on :

The point? Freedlander's main thrust seemed to be that if the US ignores world opinion, the world will have every excuse to hate them for at least another 4 years (a silver lining for many I suppose). My point was that world opinion regarding the US is substantially irrational and should therefore be discounted when making important decisions.

Don S on :

Sometimes it is an honor not to be seen as a friend by certain groups. Like the 23% in Germany who believe the US government authored 9/11, or the 1% who apparently believe 'Der Juden' were behind it....

Joe Noory on :

Peter - That's not what we vote about, but no, it doesn't help for voters to think that a President would place the interest of non-citizens above those of his fellow citizens. After all, the only compelling motive a president would seek popularity in the obvious disservice to the direct interest of the US, would be for the sake of his own ego.

Don S on :

"the world's verdict will be harsh" This is ballocks. It was nonsense 30 yeara ago when the US government was making rumbles about the Italian Communists and about Communists in France, even in the Mitterand government, and it's nonsense going in the other direction. But I DO have a suggestion for those who wish to make a lasting gesture: expell the US from the UN and NATO if we elect McCain.

Marie Claude on :

uh, what about Obama, not so long ago he was your favorite ? seems your all paranoid about what we are supposed tho wish those polls are POS, they are manipulations by opinion journalists on both sides, that only represent their ego As I alredy said, I f...kin don't care of any of your candidates, we'll still remain your favorite object of bashing UN, Nato, auch Scheiss egal, longing for our own force

Don S on :

He still is, franchie. That doesn't mean I need to pretend to have nay sympathy for the idea that the US somehow 'owes' it to the 'world' of 'Europe' to elect one candidate over another. McCain is a better choice in some ways than Obama, but my personal judgement is that the advantages Obama has over McCain outweigh the opposite calculation.

Sue on :

If Guardian columnists wish to see St. Barry elected over the War Hero, they should pipe down. Remember the Clark County debacle?

Reid of American on :

Guardian: "Suddenly Europeans and others will conclude that their dispute is with not only one ruling clique, but Americans themselves. For it will have been the American people," What took you so long to figure this out?

Kevin Sampson on :

'the world's verdict will be harsh' LOL! I doubt that. Most of 'the world' will be too busy trying to scratch out a living to give a rats ass. Europe, on the other hand, will have a grand mal seizure, but who cares?

joe on :

What interesting timing for this thread. Outside of the M$M centers in newspapers big and small guest writers and editorial editors are writing about this very topic. None of this is very positive for the Chosen One. Their bottomline is “So What”. Elect your own leaders and get on with the affairs of your own nation. We really don’t care what you think. His tour of Europe raised more questions about who he is and just where does he stand? Why is so loved by so many people who are not Americans? Of course this attitude is not true for all Americans. The left in the US wants to be loved, well not actually. What they want is to subordinate the US and march to socialism.

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