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How to Make the G8 More Effective?

The G8 used to be criticized as an evil capitalist group of powerful countries that determines world politics and economics without legitimacy like the UN. There has not been much of such criticism at this year's summit in Japan.

This time, lack of effectiveness was the most common criticism. The G8 is increasingly seen as a Western talking shop that is doing photo-ops with rock stars and third world leaders, but fails to act on its past promises on development aid and is increasingly incapable to shape international economic affairs.

Besides, Senators McCain and Obama recently had a dispute as to whether Russia should be excluded from the Group of Eight.

Consequently, there have been several reform proposals to make the G8 more effective:

L20: upgrade the existing G20
G13: G8 + the "outreach 5"
G9: leading market democracies
G3: US, EU & China
G3: US, EU & Japan

The Atlantic Community explains these proposals and asks: "Should the G8 be enlarged to include new major international players or contracted to ensure effectiveness?" If you register on Atlantic Community, then you can vote on the above options.


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Don S on :

I don't think anything can be done to make the G8 more effective, as an institution it's far too geriatric to be effective. The G8 has become a yearly ritual, not much more. And it can't be reformed without making it even less effective (which expansion would do) or contracting it (which would hurt feelings and is not worth the cost in diplomatic terms). Dropping Russia would be a good example of this; it would strengthen the paranoid strain in Russia and weaken the factions we wish to thrive there - so let's not do it. A G8 sans China, India, and Brazil is pretty much a cipher anyway. I'm tempted to include a laundry list of other mid-range powers such as South Africa, the Asian tigers, Argentina, Mexico, Poland, etc. These countries are increasingly important. The world economy is no longer the old boys club of North America & Europe + Japan, and we would all do well to remember that fact....

franchie on :

"I don't think anything can be done to make the G8 more effective, as an institution it's far too geriatric to be effective." I too think so Sarkozy wasn't really happy to get there, he'd far preferred to attend the Cannes EU summit about "immigration"

eliana on :

There's some fresh meat in the Group of Eight this year: Italy, the UK, Russia, and Japan all have new heads of state. The thought of the new powerbrokers mingling with some of last year's returnees is making the blood rushing straight to our groins as we ponder: just how sexy is this 2008 G-8 summit gonna be? Let's get to oglin'!

Joe Noory on :

Actually, since the agenda has been thoroughly well hijacked by outside activist to the point of not really being about economics anymore, its' name should be changed to "G what was that?"

E.J on :

G8 annually meeting make fake promises and do nothing good for the world. Why not leave the legacy of the cold war in trash-bin. UN organization is more representative and more legal than this freak G8 . G8 only pay lip service to developing countries . They embrace their subsidy policy in Agricuture with the expense of developing countries' economy. G8 bankrupts its reputaion,so there is no need to reform G8 anymore . Bury it in some dirty corner is the only suitable way. UN conference and forum will provide opportunity for all the countries to air their views.

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