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The Hitler "Assassination"

Crazy: Several German journalists used the term "assassination" to describe the damage to the Hitler wax figure on the opening day of Madame Tussauds's new Berlin museum.

It is easy to predict, what the Wall Street Journal wrote about the "killing" of the dictator and Germans' lessons from the Nazi past.


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Zyme on :

Even while I am not exactly a leftist, I understand what is meant by "No more war!" - namely "No more war with Germany involved!". Face it, wars are not waged here to bring freedom and democracy to the world. All that may persuade the people here to approve offensive missions is that they will serve our interests (Although I don´t think that makes us so special in our European neighbourhood). Once the Americans found out about that, they might actually stop demanding from Berlin and other European capitals to become ever more belligerent.

franchie on :

if it had been in Paris Madame Tussaud, no international paper would have related it, too bad !

Volker on :

If it had been another figure, say "Nikolaus August Otto", they wouldn't have found it THAT news worthy either. Papers are ghouls, they have to be I guess. Now would a "french" man rip the off the head of a wax Napoleon or worse a figure of Bush junior. Now that would be something!

John in Michigan, USA on :

Ah yes, the Bushitler smear. How courageous! How unpredictable!

Volker on :

Pls read my comment again and a little more carefully this time. Nowhere have I smeared Bush by using Hitler. No, I have "smeared" the ever beloved media by using the French and Bush jr. . It may not be courageous - posting on the internet never is, isn't it? - but seeing that you misunderstood it, it was apparently unpredictable.

John in Michigan, USA on :

I interpreted your comment to mean that a German ripping the head off of Hitler or Otto would not be newsworthy, but Frenchman ripping the head off of Napoleon or Bush [i]would[/i] be newsworthy. Well, Bush is a sitting president so attacking his wax figure would obviously be more newsworthy. But, you also mentioned Napoleon, so I didn't think that was what you were getting at. So yes, I assumed it was a variation of the standard European complaint, that Bush is more deserving of decapitation than Hitler/Saddam/KGB/etc. I am delighted to learn otherwise, and hereby confess to having no idea what you were talking about :-)

mbast on :

Well, anybody who hasn't gotten yet that Hitler is a sensitive topic in Germany doesn't understand the first thing about Germany, IMO. To put him in Madame Tusseauds in Berlin, of all cities, was borderline stupid in the first place. Berlin was the center of Nazi Germany during the war and nowadays it's a center for radical anti-fascism (among lots of other things, most of them much cooler than boring politics, of course ;-)). It's a bit like putting an enormous pound of flesh in front of a hungry tiger and asking it not to feed. Also, the article shows ignorance of German history and the German psyche in another way. The cry "No more war" has a historical dimension to it. It was first used by German pacifists not after the second, but after the first world war. Subsequently, it became a symbol for anti-war and anti-fascist resistance. So the phrase is actually a symbol and shouldn't be taken as literally as the article suggests. It is, in fact, very appropriate if taken in the historical context. I suspect that's also what Zyme meant with his comment (correct me if I'm wrong, Zyme).

Volker on :

Sry but the only ones who give a damn about that issue are our journalists, who mostly vote for the SPD or the GREENS, our politicians and some "Weltverbesserer" nuts and naturally the "Zentralrat". Most of the "normal" people here have other problems to discuss than a figure of a man who died 60 years ago. The phrase "Nie wieder Krieg" or "no more war" is meant quit literally, no more war, ever! Germans aren't in the habit to do these kinds of ambiguous symbols.

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