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The Economist survey of America's dynamism

The new Economist survey of America looks at the current state of what Americans always had in common and what made US society successful in the past, namely mobility, immigration, equality of opportunity, and civic associations:

Voluntary associations are reviving, though only after a long period of decline. But disturbingly, there are signs that social mobility is dwindling. The political system, for its part, is adding to social rigidities instead of counteracting them. The problem is not that America has become less dynamic. Its society continues to grow and change as fast as ever. But traditionally the country has been seen as a melting pot, which after much stirring produces greater integration. Now some of that activity may be causing separation.

The Economist concludes, however, that

America, with its extraordinary resilience and dynamism, has survived plenty of conflict in the past. Indeed, its very dynamism creates both conflict and the strength needed to overcome it.


Atlantic Review on : The Economist: Germany risks negative rather than positive "Americanization"

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Half a year ago, the Economist survey of America concluded that the US is an extraordinarily dynamic country, but its very mobility may now be drawing people apart. Now the Economist published one of its well written and researched surveys about Germany,

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David on :

Thanks for drawing attention to the Economist article. I see class divisions in America becoming more rigid with college education now becoming out of reach financially for many Americans. There was an interesting series of articles on social class in America in the New York Times recently. You can access them here:

Survey Scout on :

Just to add to the discussion I'd say its this dynamism that leads to the "I don't care about you unless you have something beneficial for me" attitude that I find to be very cruel at times.

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