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Dumping Old Subway Cars into the Atlantic is a Good Thing

Since this is the Atlantic Review, we should take a look at the Atlantic itself: The Redbird Reef close to Delaware is a dump site for New York City subway cars. This is not some environmental disaster. The nearly 700 cars are "basically luxury condominiums for fish," says someone from the Delaware Department of Natural Resources according to Dvice.

Is there a metaphor for transatlantic relations in this story?


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Zyme on :

Is this pessimism a Goody from your job? :D

Pat Patterson on :

No, what it really means is that Joerg couldn't stand not knowing who the Twelth Cylon was and has been trawling(sorry bad pun) through the SciFi site hoping to find the answer before Friday. Plus originally over 700 cars were offered to NYC and New York state but a series of lawsuits by environmental groups over the years meant that more than 80% of the Redbird rail cars ended up in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. So the New York fish are homeless but there are now moves afoot to identify how many of the newly homeless fish are in such a state due to alcoholism, drug use or suffering from PTSD after swimming back from the Euphrates. Halliburton and Exxon have of course denied any reponsibility for the state of these patriotic fish.

Pat Patterson on :

Shoot, I've finally come to the realization that we are not going to find out who the Twelth Cylon is till the last episode. But Patrick Duffy comes out of a shower at the end then I'm kicking the snot out of my TV set.

Noory on :

No metaphor, but perhaps a wise thing to do with the entire Philadelphia subway system. SEPTA into the septic!

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