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Optimistic Dailykos Readers

I have cross-posted No Transatlantic Strategy but "Multilateralism a la carte" on the liberal US group blog Dailykos and asked its readers, whether they expect more transatlantic cooperation once the Democrats are back in the White House. 37 readers voted "Yes" and only three readers voted "No." I guess, I should not be surprised by this huge optimism. Apparently most of those Americans and European who dislike President Bush believe that everything will be better when he is gone.

There a few interesting comments at Dailykos, including one Euro-critical comment by Grannus, which indicates that not only conservatives are fed up with Europe:

Then when you have a Balkans erupting and threatening to spill into your little comfy world, don't call us. When an aggressive neighbor starts to push you around, don't call us. When your economy starts to collapse because your free ride in our markets ends, don't call us. Some of us are past giving a shit about you. And yes, I've lived in Europe and know the mindset.


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Don S on :

Dislike is far too mild a term for what those at DailyKos feel toward President Bush - and have done since he was elected. Loathing, hate, are closer to the mark.

Álvaro Degives-Más on :

Let's not generalize in such categorical terms, shall we. Besides, it's not like there's a lovefest toward Obama or Clinton going on at FreeRepublic, either. For the record, I set up a separate discussion by making an explicit argument against optimism toward a (substantial) change in Transatlantic cooperation in practice and in the event of a Democratic President, [url=]in this separate topic[/url].

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